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                                   MM3Rush by arceefan16

One day Arianna was playing Megaman 9 her favorite was Rush Megaman's dog he's so cute she played for hours till the game froze and turned off but then turned back on and zapped her all of the sudden she felt odd her ears turned red and pointed moving up to the top of her head her nose turned brown and her mouth and face pushed out into a muzzle her eyes turned blue a small white robotic tail as a red helmet appears on her head and her hands and feet turn into red robotic dog paws as her arms and legs change becoming red her body becomes red and robotic as it turns into a dog body forcing her on all fours her voice changed as she ran to see who she was when she did her mind change and she was stocked into the game as Rush
this came to me just now
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December 25, 2015
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